Here's the process this project has taken.


Connect with us online to see and participate in the current and upcoming Little Finds installations and events!

Join our curated Facebook group to connect and share ideas on how you can re-imagine our city's urban spaces. Find and post inspiration from the local environment, or post ideas from farther afield for discussion. Our hope is that this community lives on long past the completion of the Little Finds project.



Throw down some ideas on how you'd like to placemake Kalgoorlie. Keep with the theme of Little Finds being quirky, smaller scale installations that enhance unloved parts of our City.

This process allows us to see the willingness, desire, and quantity of ideas to inform our creative development process.



Jams are creative get-togethers where we play with ideas, create fun and meaningful installations, and transformed unloved city spaces.

We used Jams in the Little Finds project to engage with the community, quickly taking ideas from a seed to a prototype in a short space of time. By engaging in the Jams process, we got to know the artists of the community and meaningfully exchanged ideas, which led to the creation of the final Little Finds installations.

Oct '21 Feb '22


After seeing what's possible, we engage creatives to deliver meaningful streetscape installations in approved locations.

Creatives are offered a fee, materials and assistance to bring their creative installation to life.

Catch + Jam = Do. We'll come to you.

Jan '21 Jun '22


Installations are complete for the community to find. An accompanying map and activity is launched, and we celebrate the vibrant new additions to our City!

Get into it!
June '22